New Wedding Trend: White Bridesmaids Dresses

It used to be an understood rule that you do not wear white to a wedding, and your bridesmaids certainly do not wear white! The bride is the one to wear white and stand out from the crowd. So when Pippa Middleton wore that fitted white dress while her sister Kate married Price William, people were stunned! Did Kate really approve that dress? Regardless of what her intentions were, Kate Middleton created an instant wedding trend, having your Bridesmaids wear white. Ever since the Royal wedding, we have seen it done from Kim Kardashian’s wedding, to the everyday bride. The look is very elegant and fresh, and definitely a head turner. You might think it takes away from the blushing bride, but it can actually have the opposite effect. Any bride who puts her BM’s in pure white is sure to exude a confidence that will make her even more radiant. So while there are mixed feelings about this wedding trend, if you aren’t afraid to break tradition, then we say go for it!